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An internet of isolated things benefits no one. Discover how purpose-built software can bring more out of the devices and control systems you already have.

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Lucasec Technologies is the technology consulting and systems integration business of Lucas Christian, a professional software developer. I specialize building and maintaining cloud-based communications infrastructure at my employer, Twilio. As a form of ongoing professional development, I pursue a wide variety of technical projects in my spare time, with current interests in embedded devices and systems integration for the high end residential and light commercial markets.

Professional Work

Software Engineer at Twilio

Voice and SIP Connectivity

Integrated Solutions

Lucasec Technologies works with select clients and small organizations to develop elegant solutions to their niche problems. My work is focused in several major areas:

Custom Workflows

Purpose-built applications for specialized workflows

Control and Automation

Integrated lighting, climate, and physical access systems

Network Infrastructure

WiFi, Switching, and Network Management

To learn more about my work, check out my latest projects and follow my blog.